Solutions: The Beginnings Of An Integrated Treatment Protocol

Not surprisingly I am frequently asked about solutions to the proposed diagnosis of; 'Post symbiotic reversion resulting in a form of senile dementia'.

It seems to me that a diagnosis for a species-wide condition of this magnitude should be a collective effort, hence my ongoing priority to draw attention to the condition rather than potential solutions at this stage.

Bringing together our collective knowledge, expertise and resources to ensure the most accurate diagnosis possible before attempting treatments and solutions would more likely result in successful outcomes.
Being that the diagnosis requires a massive reconfiguration in our neural architecture and the restoration of a rich symbiotic cocktail of hormonally active, neuro-active and neuroprotective compounds it would seem that a cautious approach would be sensible. It would no doubt be very easy to change our current neural configuration in a multitude of ways that would cause even greater problems. Having said that it is quite apparent that maintaining our current neural configuration is guaranteed to result in more of the same; extreme delusion and industrial-scale self-harming with lethal humanitarian and ecological consequences.

Without urgent treatment, our current neural configuration will inflict more misery and claim more victims every second of every day than any combination of ancestral treatments has ever done in the whole of human history.

Symbiotic biochemistry or 'Diet'

There is already a general misconception that the post symbiotic neurological condition is primarily about a detrimental change in our ancestral diet and simply restoring that diet will effect a complete solution.
If only it were that simple and of course if it were then our ancestors, being in better perceptual and cognitive shape than us, would have figured out such a simple solution a long time ago. 
Unfortunately, while the initiating cause can be described simplistically as dietary it is more accurate to talk about a sudden separation from our deeply integrated and vastly more biochemically complex symbiotic host after millions of years of co-evolution.
The resulting chain reaction and cascade of detrimental impacts from such a catastrophic separation mean that restoring our ancestral diet is potentially problematic and in our current state requires a sound knowledge of nutrition. Also and importantly, even fully restoring our symbiotic diet does not on its own resolve the complex of symptoms including the developmental failure in our new brain. It is also unhelpful to simply talk about 'diet' as it typically brings up a lot of cognitive dissonance and fails to address the unique and complex relationship our ancestral diet embodied.

As ever some more context...

Our ancestor's perceptual system was the emergent product of a deeply entangle symbiotic relationship, essentially the merging of a fairly typical mammalian physiology with the plant kingdoms reproductive system. The conduit for this symbiotic relationship was via the oral ingestion of reproductive biochemistry though in effect it was the equivalent of implanting a mammal in the reproductive system of the plant kingdom for evolutionary time scales. Being immersed in a complex of hormonally active reproductive compounds massively modified our transcription environment, radically reconfigured our basic mammalian physiology and grew us a profoundly different kind of new brain. We were quite literally held in a state of perpetual gestation that slowly fetalised us and eventually turned us into stretched, giant-brained fetuses, sounds weird but take a look in the mirror.

So when these relationships break down it is less about simply changing diet and more about initiating a major reversion of complex and integrated co-evolving systems some of which were integral to the assimilation of our highly specialised 'diet' of swollen ovaries. Specifically, the increasingly specialised neuro-assimilation system that emerged as part of the symbiotic process has atrophied and is now far from functional. While we retain a typical frugivorous anatomy and physical digestive system our neural system has in part reverted and is now closer to our insectivorous ancestral past. That reversion process has significantly impacted our neural gut axis and how it operates, in other words, we are no longer symbiotically specialised frugivores. In addition, our gut flora bears almost no resemblance to that of a forest-dwelling symbiont, the rich symbiotic micro-flora acquired over many millions of years that was an important and integral part of our neuro-assimilation system has mostly been lost. On top of that our basic gut integrity is typically in poor shape due to post symbiotic 'diets' that increasingly bear no molecular relationship to our symbiotic past and in more recent times no relationship to biology at all. Also as a result of our neural atrophication and the culture it manifests we are typically much more stressed than we can easily recognise and that impacts our gut integrity and functionality.

Remember recent research has elevated our gut from that of a composting tube of sorts into that of a highly complex neural system in its own right so it needs to be treated accordingly.
While there is likely to be a spectrum of symptoms and severity between individuals these are just some of the factors that need to be addressed in a coordinated way when developing integrated treatments to begin reversing the reversion process.


Generally, I am not concerned about whether we can successfully restore our unique symbiotic physiology and the radically advanced perceptual equipment it once produced, I think that is well within our reach even at this late stage. The real challenge is breaking through the dementia-like perceptual symptoms that leave us blind or in hostile denial to the very existence and severity of the condition we all suffer from, if that can be achieved appropriately resourced solutions will automatically follow as an urgent priority.

Having said that it is quite clear from the diagnosis and of course the relics of ancestral treatments how to begin treating the most insidious symptoms that in turn open to door to more integrated approaches.

Firstly and briefly a quick summary of key symptoms.

A major developmental failure in the neural architecture of our new brain due to post symbiotic reversion. Essentially late-stage reversion resulting in severe premature ageing and atrophication of our new brain due to loss of the juvenilising transcription environment once provided courtesy of a symbiotic relationship with the angiosperm reproductive system, basic data and context on this page.

Due to archaic genetic asymmetry between the cerebral hemispheres, one hemisphere has aged and atrophied much more rapidly and exhibits more severe dementia-like symptoms than the other. Unfortunately, the more demented hemisphere has assumed perceptual control in relatively recent times, rapidly accelerating our descent into delusion and insanity. How we normally experience our everyday selves is primarily under the influence of our more atrophied hemisphere hence the perceptual catch 22 of being blithely unaware of the condition or its severity. Basically being almost unable to recognise much of our day to day behaviour as symptomatic of serious mental ill-health though being more easily able to see some degree of mental ill-health in others particularly with unfamiliar cultural conditioning that is different to our own.

However and rather fortuitously the asymmetric atrophication does give us the potential to access our less atrophied hemisphere or self that retains the relics of more functional neural structure. Engaging that structure can provide us with much more function generally and potentially more efficient assimilation capacity as well as a temporary sanctuary from our 'demented' normal state of mind.

Additional factors.

Relative to our symbiotic past we suffer chronic and severe deficiency in symbiotic neuro-active compounds that were once the essential operating environment for our symbiotic brain and an integral part of our symbiotic relationship. Our one-time normal symbiotic neuro-chemistry is no longer required by our now more atrophied and primitivised hemisphere. It can and does run exclusively on a relatively impoverished neuro-chemical formula, that of a stand-alone mammal.

Also relative to our symbiotic past we have suffered near-complete loss of the powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory biochemical compounds that were also integral to our symbiotic relationship. Relative to our symbiotic ancestors our now unprotected brain is relatively heavily oxidised and inflamed.

Remember this is a very serious and slowly worsening neuro-degenerative condition. In the past whole ancestral cultures were built around the custodianship and deployment of restorative treatments that were once part of an advanced science of mind. Ultimately those efforts failed, the traditions fragmented and the treatments were lost or misunderstood.
And here we are, our day to day lives and 'advanced' culture a living proof of how much more serious the condition has become while we kid ourselves that a yoga mat and a banana will enlighten us. Any idea that the mildest of failed historic treatments that have recently become lifestyle choices will have anything more than the slightest of impacts on a condition of this severity is part of our overall symptomology of denial.


To access increasingly coherent states and re-awaken hints of our ancestral self the outline treatment regime can be summarised as a basic formula.

Simultaneously restore the missing symbiotic biochemistry, inhibit the most atrophied hemisphere and engage the perceptually dormant but less atrophied hemisphere, repeat as required until more coherent states begin to emerge.

However and not surprisingly it is a bit more complicated, the order and emphasis on which parts of the formula to implement will vary significantly with the individual.

This is the restoration section in Return to the Brain of Eden, most of the manuscript was written between 2000 and 2002, the basic framework remains the same though I have since concluded the condition is more severe than I wanted to accept and our less atrophied hemisphere is also in quite poor shape.

This is the short version to begin accessing and re-awakening the relics of our ancestral state.

The basic approach is to reverse the reversion process by integrating a combination of treatments that access more function, in turn, allowing for more effective treatments, a bootstrapping protocol that reverses the cascade of reversion in an effective sequence. While the effectiveness of one treatment will rely on the implementation of another there will be a lot of variation in where to initially focus and how many treatments to integrate. My suggestion would be a default sequence that relieves the worst symptoms relatively quickly and easily and facilitates the deployment of more integrated treatments. Choosing where to start will require individual research and a significant degree of caution.

So starting with the more dysfunctional end of the condition's spectrum an appropriate approach for treating what is a very serious developmental failure that leads to atrophication and erosion it might look something like this.

Flattening the curve of our self-destructive stupidity with existing 'off the shelf' treatments and buying time until more integrated protocols can be developed. (See: Ancient science of mind and 'resurrection' below)

Engage the perceptually dormant but less atrophied hemisphere.

Supervised MDMA therapy, followed by more informal use then group use.

This treatment can begin to break through our deep delusions and remind us of our symbiotic nature, connection with everything and most particularly with each other. For many these kind of experiences are not just a radical shift from our conditioned behaviour but are sufficient to begin reprogramming our conditioned underlying beliefs to be more aligned with reality. Combined with music we are only stepping as far back as ancestral ecstatic trance dance so nothing new just a good place to start and also to remind us of how much more pleasure we can feel compared to our atrophied 'normal' state. In addition this treatment will help release deep traumas and reduce stress so improving our general state of mind and our assimilation system.

Supervised DMT therapy, followed by more informal use then group use.

This treatment can begin to take us further out of our atrophied and deluded self and further into the relics of our ancestral self.
At 'lower' doses DMT (or related medicines) can induce sufficient activity in our less atrophied hemisphere to create significantly more coherent neural states that typically feel much more real and connected than any 'normal' state.

*At higher doses the neural coherence intensifies and reaches a critical level where sub-cellular quantum resonance amplifies and a macro quantum state begins to emerge. While this may start to provide us with a glimpse of our utterly indescribable yet profoundly divine ancestral self any suggestion that our perceptual equipment in its current atrophied state can facilitate any more than a limited and probably distorted glimpse is highly unlikely.

*While this is the more speculative end of the post symbiotic diagnosis and theory the juvenilising trajectory of our symbiotic relationship and the more uniform neural superstructure it creates is more easily able to facilitate coherent resonance. Our ancestral traditions appear to support the proposal that our perceptual equipment could at one time facilitate a wholly different kind of experience of self as normal that defies any rational description. Historic and contemporary accounts of 'altered states' suggest such profound experiences are still partially accessible even today.
Research at the sub-cellular and molecular level has revealed evidence for quantum resonance as the ground state for consciousness, personal correspondence with one of the pioneers in the field of quantum resonance confirms an easier capacity for coherence in more juvenile neural tissue, see this page.

These two treatments alone used in sequence or alternately (though never together) to engage our less atrophied hemisphere can literally begin to resurrect the ghost of our ancestral self.

When the complex symbiotic neuro-chemical operating system is restored the effect can be greatly amplified.

At that point a combination of less powerful traditional treatments can maintain a degree of access in between a regular regime of more powerful pick me ups.

Inhibit the most atrophied hemisphere

The inhibition of our atrophied hemisphere and the 'normal' sense of self and conditioned beliefs it facilitates is a tricky process and there are few easy options unless you have your own repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation equipment (Recent study).

Disengaging from speech for significant periods is a tried and tested formula as it is one of the few functions that keep the atrophied hemisphere active.

Reducing sleep or at least waiting until late in the day to apply integrated treatments or after a much lighter nights sleep, there are a number of traditions that stretch the limits and control of the normal self by reducing or eliminating sleep over a number of days. It may be that the 'batteries' in our more atrophied hemisphere are weaker and offer an unexpected workaround. This is a powerful approach in its own right and should be thoroughly researched and treated with the same respect other powerful treatments demand.

Alcohol; it may appear a strange suggestion given the serious problems alcohol can cause. However, by utilising its anaesthetic effect it seems to more rapidly and preferentially anaesthetise our more atrophied hemisphere creating a significant shift in perceptual dominance. Think about the relaxation and reduction in anxiety and fear or the slurring of speech but increased singing ability it induces in most people, also alcohol was used in some 'religious' traditions. Bear in mind that Western culture is generally familiar with alcohol and the states it can induce, given the seriousness of the proposed post symbiotic condition any approach that can create a hemispheric shift and reduce the fear of deeper or unfamiliar treatments may be more useful than might be presumed.
Think of it as a targeted local anaesthetic or a familiar gateway drug to more effective treatments, to be clear though, anything more than a unit or two of alcohol risks anaesthetising both hemispheres.

Restore the missing symbiotic biochemistry.

Restoring the extremely complex symbiotic neuro-chemical operating environment required by our symbiotic new brain or 'Diet'

While restoring the essential symbiotic operating environment can have a perceptual impact on its own, the structural failure in our most atrophied hemisphere greatly limits the effect. A biochemically complex diet that mimics that of our symbiotic ancestors is now little more than a potentiating factor. However, when combined as part of the basic treatment formula the results can be quite staggering as the relics of our symbiotic neural architecture in our less atrophied hemisphere can begin to utilise the symbiotic neuro-chemistry it requires to function free from some of the inhibitory effects of our more atrophied hemisphere.

The route to restoring such a unique symbiotic formula will vary greatly depending on the individual, some can switch to a diet high in swollen ovaries without too much difficulty others may need to take a more incremental approach in combination with other treatments.

Improving access to our less atrophied hemisphere will most likely bring enhanced cognition and contextual insight that will in turn feed into improved treatment protocols and the development of more permanent solutions.

This is only an emergency treatment protocol to begin accessing the last vestiges of our ancestral self, also remember that age-related atrophication is a central part of the diagnosis and it is likely that results will be age-dependent to some degree. However, these initial approaches against a backdrop of sound/resonance therapy in a floatation tank will be sufficient for many to catch a glimpse of our ancestral state and that is more than enough to provide a radically new direction and a focus on perceptual restoration.

The ancient science of mind and 'resurrection'.

Having said that there are relics of highly advanced integrated treatment protocols that survive in a fragmented form (coming soon, an initial few notes)

This is the atrophying body of what was once our incredibly unique perceptual lens, more data here on its catastrophic developmental failure.
During the latter stages of our symbiotic relationship, the rapid proliferation of embryonic and undifferentiated neural tissue was structurally uniform and the neural cells could work together coherently lighting up like a single neuron.
The capacity for our new brain to behave more like a single cell and facilitate powerful and coherent brain-wide states amplified and unified sub-cellular quantum resonance creating an emergent and stable macro-quantum state.
This was our unique connection or conduit to our source or underlying nature and universally alluded to in terms of profound divinity.
It could also be described in terms of the perceptual lens the cosmos created by extruding itself into an unimaginably complex configuration with sufficient resolution such that it could recognise itself.

Ancestral traditions concur and suggest such incredibly rare perceptual capacity and experience was worth preserving or restoring at absolutely any cost whatsoever.

Some notes on the vestiges of resurrection science, our ancestors knew there was nothing remotely as precious or important as perceptual integrity, once you lose your mind you lose absolutely everything including awareness of who or what you are and perceptual heaven is slowly transformed into perceptual hell.
Our ancestor's response to the onset and progression of post symbiotic developmental failure in their new brain that slowly occluded their perceptual lens and with it connection to our divine nature elicited a proportional response, a vast collective effort based on an advanced science of resonance.

Resurrection machines and attempts to induce coherence, resonance and the re-emergence of our 'divine' self from an atrophying perceptual system. 

The embryonic, undifferentiated and therefore uniform neural architecture of our expanding symbiotic neo-cortex was once a powerful compound resonance chamber...


Explained: Phonons
Phonon waves
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After 4,500 years, the long-lost Egyptian Sun Temple has been discovered (see reference to quartz)

A few vitamin D links.

Vitamin D is a hormonally active compound and a powerful genome regulator that plays a very significant role in immune function.
Usually thought of in nutritional terms but more realistic to think of it as an integral part of our symbiotic phase due to the equatorial geography of our symbiotic niche for tens of millions of years.
The typical levels of vitamin D we co-evolved with are hinted at in studies of humans mostly outdoors living at low latitudes with minimal clothing.
These levels greatly exceed typical government recommended levels and those found in populations at higher latitudes or  those living mostly indoors or with full body clothing.

Due to its integral role in basic biological and immune function post symbiotic populations at higher latitudes vitamin D was sourced in animal organs.
Oral sourcing of Vitamin D whether from diet or supplementation is far less effective at meeting essential requirements than that produced by UV light.
Individual absorption of oral vitamin D varies significantly with some being highly resistant. 
However vitamin D deficiency is increasingly correlated as a root cause of a great many pathologies and maintaining an optimal level by whatever means necessary is required for functional gene expression and a healthy immune system.

Traditionally living populations in East Africa have a mean serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration of 115 nmol/l
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